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How to Choose a Mc Grath AK Fencing Company

Find a Mc Grath AK Fencing ContractorHave you been looking for an affordable fence company in Mc Grath AK but are afraid that you will choose the wrong contractor?  Having a new fence installed can be a major project and it is important that you chose an installer that has the experience and expertise to do the job properly.  After all, an attractively built fence can be a major asset to your home.  But choosing a new fence can be a little bit complicated due to the numerous types that are available, such as wood, vinyl or aluminum.  Styles can also range from picket to chain link fences.  Style as well as the function, are both important considerations before making your selection.  A professional fencing contractor can help walk you through your choices so that you make the right decision.  But just how do you choose the right installer for your job?  Let’s take a look at some of the steps to take in your due diligence process of hiring a fence contractor for your next home improvement project.

Select the Fence You Need

white fencing completes Mc Grath AK back yardAs already mentioned, there are many styles and types of fencing to choose from.  You should probably start the selection process by deciding if it will be used primarily for security or privacy, or will it be more ornamental in nature.  Fences can be used for containing your dog, for privacy between neighbors, or to make your yard look more attractive and defined.  Of course there is no reason why it can’t be both functional and attractive.  By discussing your goals with a professional Mc Grath AK installer, together you can determine the best type, style and materials to use in building your new fence.  Some of the types of fencing include:

  • Privacy
  • Chain Link
  • Vinyl
  • Wood
  • Split Rail
  • Wrought Iron
  • Aluminum
  • Picket
  • Lattice
  • Dog Fences
  • Pool Fences

Usually price and personal preference are the most important determining factors, but there are others, such as local ordinances and home association requirements.  For example, some local ordinances limit the height of residential fences, usually at six feet.  And it is not uncommon for home associations to require that fences be made of a certain type of wood and designed in a specific way.  Be sure to review any legal and contractual requirements with your prospective Mc Grath AK fencing contractor to ensure the best selection for your needs.

How to Pick The Right Mc Grath AK Fencing Contractor

child leaning on chain link fence in Mc Grath AK Making a selection based on the lowest bid is not always the best way to choose a contractor.  There are several other equally important factors, such as experience, reputation, customer service and support, and guarantee of workmanship and materials.  Choosing the cheapest option will not be much of a bargain if the fence has be repaired or replaced within a short period of time, especially if the contractor doesn’t return your calls.  Just as with any other product, you get what you pay for also applies to new fencing.  But paying more than you should is not a wise choice either.  Finding the right balance between quality and pricing is your ultimate goal.  So let’s review some tips that will help you with your due diligence in hiring the right Mc Grath AK fencing professional at the right price for your job.

Get a minimum of 3 written estimates.  As with hiring any Mc Grath AK contractor, you will want to speak with 3 or 4 fence installers and review each of their estimates.  Make sure that the bids include all materials to be used and any special instructions or circumstances that need to be addressed, such as an uneven landscape or the addition of any gates or decorative enhancements.  All items should be included in the total cost.  The project timeline and payment schedule should also be addressed in the bid.  It is important that you never agree to a proposal that requires full payment upfront.  A reasonable deposit is acceptable to cover upfront material costs, with the balance being paid after completion.

Check references.  Before making a final selection, ask the Mc Grath AK contractors to provide recent references from customers that they have worked for.  If they provide references that are several years old or for work unrelated to your project, such as for a new driveway, it may be a red flag.  Ask them to provide references for fencing jobs similar to yours if possible.  If all of their jobs have involved installing chain link fences, then a wooden fence may not be the right project for them.  And when speaking with their past customers, ask if they been satisfied with both the quality of the fencing and any follow up service that they may have had.  Ask if they would recommend the contractor to friends and family or if they would use the company again.

Confirm they will handle permits and utilities.  In most cases local ordinances require that building permits be obtained before new fencing is constructed.  Most reputable Mc Grath AK contractors will perform this service as part of the job.  Also, utility companies should be contacted to mark residential or commercial areas where their lines are located so they are not compromised with the digging of posts.  Again, ask your contractor if this is something that they will take care of as part of their service.

Double-check Insurance and licensing.  Before making that final selection, make sure that both you and your Mc Grath AK home are protected, as well as the workers involved in the fencing project.  Ask to see proof of insurance for both Liability and Workers Compensation.  The Liability insurance will protect you against any damages that may occur during the installation of your fence.  The Workers Comp will protect the contractor’s employees should they be injured while on your property. Contact the appropriate insurance company as well to confirm that the policies are still active and have not expired.  It is also important to find out if the contractor meets all local and Alaska codes regarding licensing.  A reputable fencing company will have their insurance and licenses in order and available for your review.

Obtain a written contract.  Once your due diligence is completed and you have selected a qualified Mc Grath AK fencing contractor, obtain a written contract detailing all of the important points previously discussed.  A signed copy of the initial written estimate may be sufficient as long as it covers all of the important details.  Congratulations!  You are well on your way to having a quality fence professionally installed that will be an attractive and valuable asset to your home.

About Mc Grath Alaska

McGrath, Alaska

McGrath (Tochak’[6] in Upper Kuskokwim, Digenegh[7] in Deg Xinag) is a city[4][8] and village on the Kuskokwim River in Alaska, United States. The population was 401 at the 2000 census[9] and 346 as of the 2010 census.[4] Despite its small population, the village is an important transportation and economic hub for the area.

In 1904, Abraham Appel established a trading post in Old Town. In 1906, gold was discovered in the Innoko District, and in 1907, and at Ganes Creek. Since McGrath was the northernmost point on the Kuskokwim River accessible by large riverboats, it became a regional supply center. A town was established at the site of Old McGrath in 1907, and was named for Peter McGrath, a local United States Marshal. The Iditarod Trail also contributed to McGrath's role as a supply center. From 1911 to 1920, hundreds of people walked and mushed over the trail on their way to the Ophir gold districts. Mining sharply declined after 1925.

After a major flood in 1933, some residents moved across the river. Changes in the course of the river eventually left the old site on a slough, making it useless as a river stop. In 1940, an airstrip was cleared, the United States Federal Aviation Administration built a communications complex, and a school was opened. McGrath became an important refueling stop for Lend-Lease equipment during World War II.

According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 54.6 square miles (141?km2), of which, 48.9 square miles (127?km2) of it is land and 5.7 square miles (15?km2) of it (10.48%) is water.

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