Hello from the Great state of West Virginia!


Welcome: Welcome to this little placeon the web.  A place where everyone is welcome. This is the home page ofScott , Kelly and Heather Griffith.  

We live in Beaver, West Virginia.  Beaveris a small town that serves as a junction or funnel leading into Beckley, WestVirginia.  

As a family, all of us enjoy the outdoors, big breakfasts, working and playing with computers and many more activities.   Can life really be thissimple? Well, we can wish - can't we.

The out-of-doors is beautiful here.  Thedifferent works of art,  painted by our masterful creator in themountains of West Virginia, are part of the romance of this GREAT state.

You should visit Winter Place during ski seasonor Glade Springs during the summer.  They both, present some of the mostbreath taking scenery you will ever see.  Don't forget to visit GrandviewState Park and the New River Gorge as well.

Please note the American Flag at the top of thepage.  We support the Pledge of Allegiance as ONE nation under GOD. America can be great again.  We believe her greatness starts when herpeople get back on their knees praying, staying the course as a people thatloves, fears and obeys God. 


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